For Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's 85th Birthday Celebration

8,500,000 Times Gayatri Mantra Chanting

Dear brothers and sisters,
Bhagavan's 85th birthday is coming soon.
As we are in the year of Vikruti which comes every sixty years,
great disasters such as earthquakes, floods, the worst oil spill in Gulf of Mexico, have been spouting out in many parts of the world.
In Japan, we are facing with issues like mass cattle slaughter due to foot-and-mouse disease outbreak, economical uneasiness, and many suicides.
All problems are taught by Swami to be the creations of man's mind.

A devotee asked Swami ;
"What could we do in order to heal Swami's body."
Swami answered.
"Chant Gayatri Mantra."

Through this Q&A, Swami has taught us that Gayatri mantra can heal, the five elements which has formed the universe, all the beings on the Earth, and also the human mind.

In response to this teaching by Swami, SSOJ has eagerly planned a project to chant Gayatri mantra 85 lakh (8,500,000) times, as a humble offering to the Swami at a World Convention dedicated to Bhagavan's birthday held in every five years.

With the one mind formed by all the brothers and sisters yearning for God, we shall chant Gayatri mantra everyday for 85 days towards Bhagavan's birthday. This 85 lakh times of Gayatri mantra shall be filling to the universe, day by day.

It's power and vibration shall gradually and accumulatively heal the five elements which are building stones of the universe, minds of participating brothers and sisters, people residing in the Earth, and the body of Bhagavan himself!

When:   From August 31st (Tuesday) to November 23rd (Tuesday and National Holiday) =Total of 85 Days=

What:   Every registered participant chants registered amounts of Gayatri mantra from heart everyday. Total numbers of chanted mantra by all participants shall reach to 85 lakh times, and that is our humble offering to Swami for his 85th birthday.

Who:   Everyone who can chant Gayatri Mantra from the heart. Non devotees of Swami who can participate through 85 days with dedication to Gayatri mantra are also welcome.

How to Register   Please register from Gayatri Mantra Mail Magazine page.
The registration will be processed by the unit of Mala. (One Mala consists of repeating the Gayatri Mantra 108 times.)
You can register as many Malas as you commit in chanting every day for 85 days.
The registration process can be completed without registering your name. (It is optional.)
The registration can be done by a name of a family, a group, or an individual.

If you were able to chant more Malas than your registered number in a day, please report us such that we can add that extra to our tally. Please also inform us if you wish to change the unit of Mala.

Later, we will open the project page from where download files such as Gayatri Mantra chanted by Swami and etc will be available.

Registration:   Please register from the below link.
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