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At Kyoto center, we have been conducting Narayana Seva (serving food to poor and needy) on the third Sunday of every month. This month, due to National Sadhana Camp (Spiritual knowledge Retreat) schedule, we conducted Narayana Seva on the second Sunday.

In Japan, many people voluntarily conduct food distribution services to the needy and poor. At Sai Center, we call this service as "Narayana Seva" because we consider this as one the means to worship God ( As per Indian scriptures Narayana is one of the name of God) who resides in every heart including human beings.

This service begins in the morning with food brought and cooked by participants. Since we value the thought, "LOVE ALL SERVE ALL-HELP EVER HURT NEVER", all food served at Sai Center is purely vegetarian. Today's menu includes Japanese curry rice and pickles.

"There will be Yummy Curry on the 3rd Sundays at Gojo Ohashi Nishizume (Western end of Gojo Bridge)". Over the years, word of mouth has spread among the homeless people that by 12 noon sharp, at least 70 people are lined up for the treat. We usually prepare for 100 people for those who wishes to eat right away, or take away.

While we serve with smile on our face, the prayer fills our hearts - "May God’s love be bestowed upon them along with the food. Here is a saying by Sathya Sai Baba "Hands that help are holier than lips that pray".

Later on during a Bhajan session, an Indian participant sang Japanese Bhajan for the first time in his life. Generally, people are tensed when they sing (in a different language) first time but everyone lovingly supported him with gentle patience and the Bhajan was sung and offered beautifully.



For the September 2nd program, we had visitors from Kyushu who were traveling to Kansai area. At study circle, we discussed about “The Dharma (moral responsibility) that can benefit our daily life”. We shared our experiences and thoughts that can be used as helpful tips.

We concluded regular schedule with Bhajan (singing the glory of God). It has been a long time since we last had a large group singing. The sound of two guitars echoed through the prayer hall. With His grace, we were able to offer a fun and energetic Bhajan singing. Afterword, we had a small English learning session by an English speaking devotee. This has become the time to learn both daily and spiritual vocabularies which is helpful for pilgrimage.