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Kyoto Center
Sathya Sai Organization Japan Kyoto Center

1996.10.27Launch of Kyoto Bhajan Group
2002 On Auspicious day Inauguration of Permanent Prayer Hall
2012.10.27 Celebration of the 16th Year

Message from Coordinator
Once I step into the entrance of Kyoto Center, friendly smiles welcome me with warm greetings and make me feel if I had come home. And then once I turn my face to an altar, photos of deity whom represents different religions all smiles at me and make me clasp my hands in humble prayer.

On the inauguration day of Kyoto center ten years ago, we received a blessing with a rainbow standing across our building. The center has been guided with His grace will celebrate its 16th anniversary this October.

Kyoto center is equipped with a large professional use kitchen which has turned into the sacred area to offer selfless services. We are very fortunate to serve as His instruments by cooking our specialty vegetarian curries for Lord Narayana residing in the hearts of every homeless people.

We have visitors from many different regions such as Fukui, Shiga and Nara prefectures. We also have a regular member who has graduated from Swami’s devotee’s high school and playing tambourine during Bhajan session (singing the glory of God) at Kyoto Center.

If you happen to be in Kyoto, if you are seeking for spirituality or simply missing Bhajan singing to god, please feel free to come and join us. All are welcome to participate in the activities. The participation is free of charge.

Introduction of Bro. Nakatani (Coordinator of Kyoto Center)
Father of two children and a corporate employee - am a Nobolar (mountain climber) who likes Sai Center and Japan Alps Kamikochi. I am thankful for the Sai family who has taught me to sing and clap hands at the same time.
Satsang at Kyoto Center
At Sai Centers, we often refer to each other as Sai Family or Satsang. We see each other as brothers and sisters and at the same time, relationship amongst the member is based spirituality called Satsang.

To introduce the Satsang at Kyoto Sai Center, we would like to share favorite teachings of Sathya Sai Baba by different members of Kyoto Sai Center.

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