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Updated on 11th Mar 2019

This web-page is delivering you the latest schedules and information of OSAKA Center.

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Mar-May, 2019

Buddha Festival will be held on Thursday 4th April, 19:30-.
Sri Rama Navami will be held on Thursday 11th April, 19:30-.
Human Values Day will be held on Wednesday 24th April, 19:00- @ Kobe ISS.

Easwaramma Day Festival will be held on Thursday 2nd May, 19:30-.

Access Map to Osaka Sai Center
Photo Map to Osaka Sai Center

Fundamental Schedules of Osaka-Center

- Bhajans (Thu): Every Thursday 19:30- (18:30 practice)

- Narayana Seva: 2nd & 4th Sunday 9:30- (preparation) 13:00- (delivering at Irin Area)

- Study Circle: 3rd Thursday 20:45- (45min)

- Gayathri Club: 4th Thursday 20:45-21:00

- Ladies Bhajans: Every Thursday 13:30- (12:50 practice)

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