How to Participate

1. Gifting people the moments of happiness you decide on a daily basis

Help people, make their lives bright, fun, and light, while spreading happiness.

For example…

・Praying for the happiness of the person in front of you

・Helping people who are in need, like holding someone’s luggage, giving up your seat, picking up lost items, or asking, “Shall I help you?”

・Greeting someone, “Good Morning”, “Thank you for your hard work”, or saying “I’m sorry, are you okay?”

・Spending the day with a smile, using gentle words, celebrating people and their successes

・Avoiding bad company, abusiveness, and being less critical of others

・Giving way, apologizing


*We will not ask you whether you have delivered the number of moments of happiness that you have decided on. Please set the number you wish to practice in your daily lives.

2. Praying for the Happiness of everyone

“Samastha Lokah Ha Sukhino Bhavantu”

Chanting 3 sets 3 times daily

We will collect the moments of happiness that everyone had gifted

Every week, we will add up to the moments of happiness that each participant has decided on. In 95 days (August 20th – 11th, 2020), we will collect 95,000 moments of happiness and send out this happiness to the world.

How to decide the number of moments of happiness to give :

It is difficult to count the act of sharing happiness.

Some actions are unconscious.

If you continue to give happiness, you will begin to enjoy doing so, and not worry about numbers.

To do so, please count how many moments of happiness you wish to give.

Keep doing it consciously, and when you reach a point when you are able to do so unconsciously (without keeping count), please continue to gift happiness in that manner.

Of course, some people may conduct every action in their lives for the happiness of others.

If so, please approximate how many moments of happiness you deliver throughout the day.

That number will be an encouragement for others.